Sweet Honey in the Rock Talks New Album, Upcoming Benefit Show In Lancaster

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Monday November 02, 2015

From Lancaster Online

Sweet Honey in the Rock talks new album, upcoming benefit show in Lancaster
By: Jenelle Janci

For the first time, Sweet Honey in the Rock went into the recording studio without a plan.

The two-time Grammy Award-winning a capella group usually has a specific intent when it’s time to record.

But for its upcoming album “#LoveInEvolution,” founding member Carol Maillard says the group took a less structured approach.

“We weren’t trying to sound like anything,” Maillard says. “We were just writing and offering whatever we wanted to talk about.”

Sweet Honey in the Rock will perform several songs from “#LoveInEvolution” at Lancaster Bible College on Saturday. All proceeds from the show will go to the Lancaster nonprofit Parish Resource Center.

Sweet Honey in the Rock will release a to-be-determined single from the upcoming album on its website Friday, Maillard says.

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