Terence Blanchard Proves He Belongs at Voodoo Fest with Strong Performance

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Monday November 02, 2015

From The New Orleans Advocate

Terence Blanchard proves he belongs at Voodoo Fest with strong performance
By: Alex Rawls

Since 2006, Voodoo has tried to make sure that the festival offers those interested a local experience in addition to its international lineup. It has even included jazz bands, which rarely seem like a good fit.

At first, Terence Blanchard and the E-Collective seemed like another well-intentioned miss. He started quietly, and the obvious seriousness of purpose seemed at odds with the festival’s good times vibe. The melancholy in his sound sympathized with the gray skies though, and as the set continued, Blanchard’s playing grew ferocious in its reach and passion, seemingly in the vocabulary of the rock guitarist as much as the jazz trumpeter.

The E-Collective is Blanchard’s groove-oriented band, and its embrace of funk and electronic textures gives it a contemporary vibe most of the time. When drummer Oscar Seaton hit a funk groove and piano player Fabian Almazan soloed with a Fender Rhodes sound though, the moment sounded straight out of 1972.

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