Terence Blanchard: The Frission of Fusion

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Tuesday October 20, 2015

From JazzTimes

Terence Blanchard: The Frission of Fusion
By: Terence Blanchard

A picture periodically reappears in my Facebook newsfeed of a memo that producer Teo Macero wrote to the executives at Columbia Records on Nov. 14, 1969. It reads:

‘Miles just called and said he wants this album to be titled: ‘BITCHES BREW
Please advise. Teo’

Someone, who has no idea how record companies work, posted in response, ‘I think it’s safe to assume that the advice reluctantly given ‘¦ was essentially, ‘Let Miles Davis call his next album whatever he wants.’‘

Uh, no. Not by a mile.

In fact, after Teo handed in the album, I’m pretty sure the same guys who got the memo, and probably most of the marketing department that had pushed Kind of Blue up the charts as a pop album, were shitting bricks.

There was nothing like this, ever. Miles had worked out some ideas through the recording of In a Silent Way, but the music on Bitches Brew, the title, the in-your-face, psychedelic, sexualized cover art by Mati Klarwein ‘¦ Add your own colorful language, because it was just that! The shit. Unique. A one-of-a-kind performance and album.

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