The John Scofield & Joe Lovano Quartet Burn at Blue Note

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Wednesday November 18, 2015

From Broadway World

The John Scofield & Joe Lovano Quartet Burn at Blue Note
By: Matt Hanson

Jazz education is America’s oral history, and the composers of jazz, contemporary and classic, are as the wise, sagely men and women who have carried the sacred knowledge of the people since time immemorial.

From the bayou of New Orleans to the streets of Chicago and the bridges of New York City, the incontrovertible truth stands tall, that the inspirations of African-American culture have endured, with the firmest foothold on American soil. From here, the roots have spread to the ends of the earth.

For this reason, and not this reason alone, jazz remains a steadfast pillar of cultural syncretism, honoring the tapestry of peoples who call America home, like a jazz enthusiast would appreciate a rare, unpredictable harmony.

The incomparable multiform composer and legendary jazz guitarist John Scofield is absolutely exemplary as an artist true to his beliefs. Single-handedly, Scofield disembowelled tradition, remaking the sound of the guitar one delicious, 99-cent New York slice of sonic fusion at a time.

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