Jason Moran Reflects About Monk's Experience

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Wednesday December 02, 2015

From NPR Music

Watch Two Jazz Performances That Wrestle with Race and Policing
By: Patrick Jarenwattananon

Many black jazz musicians have been vocal about this subject since (and well before) Ferguson. Terence Blanchard told us recently that his new record was a reaction to the Black Lives Matter campaign. And going further back, no less a superstar than Miles Davis was beaten in public by New York City police officers for, in his telling, failing to “move on” outside a jazz club where he was performing.

Monk’s next performance in New York City took place half a year later at a theater called Town Hall (one of the few venues not under the purview of cabaret card legislation). The pianist Jason Moran has assembled a concert-length re-imagining of that particular performance, which we filmed for the public media program Jazz Night In America. Jason sat down to reflect about Monk’s experience ‘” and how it relates to his own.

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