John Scofield Is Hitting the Road with Pianist Jon Cleary

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Wednesday December 02, 2015

From Charleston City Paper

John Scofield continues his 40-plus-year musical journey by hitting the road with pianist Jon Cleary
By: Vincent Harris

It’s a testament to the work ethic and creative restlessness of jazz guitar great John Scofield that his most recent album, Past Present, came out last June and he’s already moved on to something else. In fact, he’s actually got two more projects in the pipeline before the year is out. And if you look back at his lengthy list of albums and collaborations, you’ll find 2015 to be just about average.

Since leaving the Berklee College of Music in the mid-1970s, Scofield has honed a singular style that combines sudden, terse bursts of noise and dazzling, lightning-quick runs across the fretboard. It’s an exciting, full-bodied sound that makes the exclamations and explorations coming from his guitar sound almost like a human voice. “I’d be a singer if I could, but I suck at it,” Scofield says, laughing. “I can’t do it, but I always like that element in jazz instrumentals ‘” not just on my guitar but with horns as well. I like trying to sing the song on the guitar. The guitar has bends and articulations and vibrato that can make it really vocal.”

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