Into the Silence "A wonderful album."

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Tuesday February 09, 2016


Avishai Cohen ‘Into The Silence’ (ECM) 5/5
By: Mike Gates

‘Into the silence’ is trumpeter Avishai Cohen’s debut as leader for the ECM label, and what a breathtaking album it is. The six compositions were written by Cohen during the six months that followed his father’s passing in November 2014. During his father’s final few weeks, Cohen listened almost constantly to an album of Rachmaninoff’s solo piano music; ‘I think the emotional spirit of those preludes, etudes and elegies wound their way inside me’ the trumpeter reflects, ‘I became obsessed with the harmonies of his music, particularly the inner voices. It was inspiring for me.’ Yet at the same time Cohen was also also listening a lot to Eric Dolphy’s ‘Out to lunch’ and he adds ‘Obviously my record doesn’t sound anything like that- but the honesty of Dolphy’s music and the close way his band interacted were on my mind.’ And it is the honesty of Cohen’s music that shines through with a clarity and purity of sound that is stunningly beautiful. The trumpeter plays with a very personal, deeply moving tone that is not only touching and soulful, but also free-spirited and open.

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