Ana Moura featured as NPR pick!

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Monday February 29, 2016

From NPR
By Anastasia Tsioulcas

Latitudes: Our Favorite Global Music Right Now

Oh, February. It’s the month that feels like it will never end, leap year or not. The air is cold and damp, the sky is gray, the sidewalks are slushy and I just want to be transported far, far away.

So for this month’s edition of Latitudes, I chose five songs I hope will lift your end-of-winter blues ‘” because they definitely hit the spot for me.

If you know Portuguese music at all, you probably know the wistful, dark-hued, sadness-soaked music called fado. And one of fado’s greatest stars is singer Ana Moura ‘” heck, even Prince is a fan. Moura certainly knows how to work a song, and in her latest, “Dia De Folga” (Day Off), she applies her smoke-and-whisky contralto to something surprising: a tune as light and sweet as a French macaron. “There are so many reasons/for the sadness to take a day off,” she sings ‘” and pulls you into her sugar rush.

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