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Tuesday August 25, 2015


Beat Music: The Los Angeles Improvisations
By Gary Fukushima

“Drummer Mark Giuliana has had a pretty good run the past few years. For starters, last November he made the cover of Modern Drummer. He’s been on tour the past year, playing gigs with trumpeter Dave Douglas, Brad Mehldau (in their duo project, Mehliana) and his own quartet. He might be the only drummer who can cover for Nate Wood in Kneebody. Giuliana released two albums last year, one under his own name (My Life Starts Now), and another featuring the L.A. version of his pet project Beat Music, which he started several years with bassist and good buddy Tim Lefevbre. Beat Music: The Los Angeles Improvisations is a sonic documentation of what happens when Guilana and Lefevbre team up with keyboardist Jeff Babko and electronics guru Troy Ziegler. Three words: Controlled, chaotic, bad-assery.”

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