A night of 'Jason+' includes Mason Bates and jazz stars

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Monday March 07, 2016

From The Washington Post

A night of ‘Jason+’ includes Mason Bates and jazz stars
By Michael J. West

‘Jason+,’ the Kennedy Center’s new series designed to place jazz pianist (and artistic adviser) Jason Moran into multidisciplinary contexts, may be a bit of a misnomer. That is, inasmuch as it suggests that Moran is the main event. But Saturday night’s affair, although hosted by Moran, nevertheless found him in the passenger’s seat. Mason Bates, the center’s composer-in-residence, was the driver.

Even that was a bit misleading, given the program that unfolded in the dimly lit, postmodern-hip ‘Crossroads Club,’ which featured Bates for only 25 of its 80 minutes. Five of those were an overlap from his pre-show DJ set, during which Moran took the stage and played along on the Steinway with Bates’s loop-filled spinning and Svet Stoyanov’s live percussion. Moran’s improvisation was somewhat glitchy: a series of recycled motifs that then turned into unaccompanied solo, lovely and languid ‘” then atonal and percussive.

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