The Green Man Review Praises "Into The Silence"

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Tuesday March 22, 2016


Avishai Cohen’s Into The Silence

“Seeing Cohen fronting a quartet in mid-2015 didn’t prepare me for the quiet impact of this quite different set of music. It did, however, prepare me to recognize the 30-something Cohen as a disciple of (among others) Miles Davis. So the opening section of the first track here, ‘Life and Death,’ with its somber, Bill Evans-like chording from pianist Yonathan Avishai behind Cohen’s muted trumpet was more confirmation than revelation. It’s one of the more straightforward works on this date, with bassist Eric Revis and drummer Nasheet Waits sketching the minimal rhythm as Cohen and Avishai explore Cohen’s modal piece.

The entire recording has a fresh, exploratory feel. When the musicians got together in a French studio with ECM chief and producer Manfred Eicher to record, it was the first time this particular ensemble had played together, although most of the individuals had experience with one another in various combinations. With the exception of a run-through with pianist Avishai, it was also the first time any of them had heard these pieces Cohen had been living with for six months since his father’s passing.”

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