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Tuesday March 15, 2016


Avishai Cohen – Into the Silence
By Kevin Whitehead

“Avishai Cohen has a ravishing trumpet sound, and rare control, and knows what to do with all that technique. Soloing on ‘Behind the Broken Glass’ from his quartet/quintet’s Into the Silence, he steps or leaps from the low end of his horn’s range to the top. He plays precarious lines up there, ascending to an altissimo peak for the close, without splitting a note. It’s the kind of technique Sousa-band cornetists reserve for showcase cadenzas.

But this chopsy display doesn’t seem so boastful in context. It’s tempered by Cohen’s feathery timing and reined-in dynamics. Earlier albums by the Tel Aviv-born New Yorker, like Triveni II, are charmingly brash, showing a puckish, Don Cherry-like sensibility. The restraint this time out is partly due to the material-a suite of pieces for Cohen’s recently deceased father-and partly because this is an ECM album. Like other established musicians who come to the label, he brings music best served by the imprint’s vaunted, spacious production style. The trumpeter has written and played slow touching numbers before, notably on Flood. But this program leaves more open space to let the sound resonate. His long tones can take on the ceremonial power of a shofar.”

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