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Friday April 01, 2016


AVISHAI COHEN – Into The Silence
By Nick Lea

“For his debut for ECM, the trumpeter assembled a cast of musicians whose playing he was intimately familiar with, yet the participants had never played together as a unit. Furthermore, to this mix Cohen introduced all new material written especially for the session. The core material was all composed in a period of six months following his father’s passing, and to whose memory Into The Silence is dedicated, and Cohen relied on an intuitive method of bringing this music to life, in so much as the melodies were worked on and processed in his head or at the piano, and much of the music he had never played through his horn until the recording sessions.

This manner of working and recording obviously suited all concerned as the resulting music testifies, in a strong and vibrant set that defies the underlying sadness of its inception. The album opens strongly with ‘Life And Death’ that brings Cohen’s delicate and haunting muted trumpet to the fore. If the resulting sound does indeed acknowledge a debt to Miles, then the dramatic contours of the melody and plangent sense of loss belong to Cohen and his personal statement makes this a magnificent piece of music.”

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