Somi: the vocalist topping jazz charts

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Thursday May 12, 2016


Somi: the vocalist topping jazz charts

By: Stella Nassuna

Somi was born in Illinois to immigrants from Rwanda and Uganda. The New York based jazz vocalist and songwriter Laura Kabasomi Kakoma who goes by her stage name Somi was in the country on a family call. The 36-year-old who has over time topped the jazz and world music charts was helping nurse her sick grandmother.

She spent most of her time here with family, but also on the side managed to catch up with friends, and the performing arts happening in Uganda. Somi attended the 2016 Doadoa East African Performing Arts Market, and she loved what she experienced there.

Somi’s music, voice and Africanism have been celebrated by various publications like Vogue Magazine, Jazz Times Magazine, The Boston Globe, The Huffington, and more.

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