Maceo Parker "was by far the funkiest of the day"

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Wednesday July 06, 2016

From Oregon Music News

Day two highlights: 2016 Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival
By: Scott Cunningham

My personal highlight of the day was Maceo Parker. His set was by far the funkiest of the day, not surprising given his years of playing with James Brown and George Clinton. Parker was in fine form and clearly enjoying himself.

Brown was famous for the tightness he demanded from his musicians. Parker expects just as much from his supporting cast and they delivered in every way possible, with nary a missed beat or note amongst them.

Parker’s sax playing is rock solid. Parker seamlessly integrates rhythm, syncopation, and melody to carry his band across decades of R&B and funk all the while keeping it fresh. Last night’s set also included some terrific nods to Ray Charles, one of Parker’s biggest influences.

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