'Sabor a Mi,' 'Besame Mucho' & More: Vote for Your Favorite Bolero Cover

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Thursday August 11, 2016

From Billboard
‘Sabor a Mi,’ ‘Besame Mucho’ & More: Vote for Your Favorite Bolero Cover
By Griselda Flores

Iconic artists like Daniel Santos, Agustín Lara and Javier Solís are considered to be pioneers of the beautiful bolero music that originated in Cuba and popularized in Mexico in the early 1900s, and artists like Monsieur Periné and Natalia Lafourcade have taken it upon themselves to revive the timeless songs while giving them a modern twist.

With recent efforts by a group of bolero aficionados, artists and the Institute for the Preservation and Promotion of Bolero in Mexico to have this slow-tempo Latin music registered by UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) among its list of world assets, we’ve compiled a list of five bolero covers, including Monsieur Periné‘s jazzy/folk-type “Sabor a Mí” and Alejandro Fernández’s mariachi version of “Contigo Aprendí.”

To see the videos and vote for your favorite click here