Celebrate The Holy Days With Sweet Honey In The Rock

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Monday December 05, 2016

From SAC Cultural Hub

Celebrate the holy days with Sweet Honey In The Rock Dec 23
By: Michael P Coleman

The legendary Sweet Honey In The Rock and the equally legendary San Francisco Symphony are joining forces on December 23rd.

That really should be all it takes to get you to hit the link below for tickets. But if you need further persuasion, keep reading. Just a few minutes with founding member Carol Lynn Maillard and you realize that Sweet Honey’s holiday performance in the city by the Bay isn’t to be missed.

“A little more than half of the show will be a cappella, and the other half is done with a bass accompaniment,” Maillard said. “It’s gonna be such an amalgam of different styles and sounds!We’ll perform some traditional material that people know, some songs from the African American spiritual tradition, some quartet songs, and some covers from Marvin Gaye. We’ll also perform some stuff from our latest recording.”

For the uninitiated, Sweet Honey In The Rock have been heralded for over 40 years for their brilliant vocal harmonies, their uplifting messages, and their social activism. The group’s latest album, #LoveInEvolution, is stunning, belying musical conventions of the day and launching with a breathtaking, a cappella version of “Somebody Prayed For Me.”

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