Sweet Honey In The Rock Sings For All Seasons

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Monday December 12, 2016

From San Francisco Classical Voice

Sweet Honey in the Rock Sings for All Seasons
By: Lou Fancher

Everybody — even musicians — needs occasionally to be reminded of the volume and power of the human voice.

Especially now, after rolling through the screech of an incomparable presidential campaign that had everyone on both sides of the partisan divide feeling unheard. Especially upon reaching the end of a year in which guns, bombs, and people consumed by hatred seemed to fill the air with mechanical and aural explosions on a near-daily basis. Especially when stage productions gain baubles like fleas on a dog and every show is a cacophony of lights, sound, remote controlled electronics, action, and more action.

We need a silent night to prove that the degree of loudness isn’t the best measure of a sound’s impact. We need voices that sing Silent Night with the power of angels and carry us into a place where goodness, grace, and generosity abound. We need to be reminded that in us and in our neighbors, a unique voice resides and is special.

We need Sweet Honey in the Rock.

Arriving on a wing of gospel, spiritual, and multiethnic holiday season tunes, the five-member a cappella group sweeps into Davies Hall on Dec. 23 with their Celebrating the Holydays concert.

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