Review: Chris Potter stretches styles with a nimble trio

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Friday December 16, 2016

From The Chicago Tribune

Review: Chris Potter stretches styles with a nimble trio at Jazz Showcase
By: Howard Reich

When trumpet legend Red Rodney started bringing teenage saxophonist Chris Potter to Chicago, more than a quarter century ago, it was obvious that the young musician showed considerable promise.

The fluidity of Potter’s playing and the priceless education he was receiving by touring with Rodney, a bebop original, positioned the prodigious musician for a potentially important future.

Today, Potter indeed stands as one of the most technically accomplished, intellectually adept saxophonists of the mid-40s generation, a point he reaffirmed dramatically Thursday night at the Jazz Showcase.

Leading a top-notch trio staffed by bassist Scott Colley and drummer Nate Smith, Potter walked a delicate line between ultra-sophisticated improvisation and thoroughly accessible music-making. Along the way, he kept a capacity audience following every sinuous turn in his solos, regardless of how complex they became.

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