New Video From Chris Thile & Brad Mehldau

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Thursday January 26, 2017

From NPR Music

Watch Chris Thile & Brad Mehldau Perform ‘The Old Shade Tree’ Live
By: Nate Chinen

Among the qualities that make Brad Mehldau and Chris Thile a not-quite-unlikely pairing — virtuosity, curiosity, a natural drive to bridge divisions of style — the one that may run deepest is a sense of resonant, articulate melancholy.

Thile, the singer-songwriter and mandolin wizard who now hosts Prairie Home Companion, comes to this bittersweet air from the bluegrass tradition, where the high lonesome sound is firm bedrock. Even within the shiny parameters of Nickel Creek, he could convey a welter of heartache beneath his ebullience. The same holds in Punch Brothers, which has made hair-trigger group cohesion not only an art, but also a spectator sport.

For Mehldau, the jazz pianist and composer, a current of sweet sorrow flows through many different areas of musical interest: Billie Holiday caressing a desolate ballad, Radiohead turning introspection aglow. Mehldau has even explored this yearning in formal terms, variously evoking “sehnsucht” (a German word; see Schubert) or “saudade” (Portuguese; look to Jobim).

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