Wayne Shorter Awarded Polar Music Prize

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Tuesday February 07, 2017

From Polar Music Prize

The Laureates of The Polar Music Prize 2017 Are Sting & Wayne Shorter

The 2017 Polar Music Prize is awarded to musician and composer Wayne Shorter from Newark, New Jersey. For Wayne Shorter, music is a means of learning more about all aspects of life and the universe. He has himself aptly described his work as “drilling for wisdom”. With his soprano and tenor saxophones he is an explorer. Over the course of an extraordinary career, he has constantly sought out untravelled paths. Wayne Shorter has worked in epoch-making groups such as Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers, Miles Davis’s Second Great Quintet and Weather Report. He has played on many key albums with Joni Mitchell. As a solo artist he has been making albums for six decades, and he has written a number of the most enduring compositions in the history of jazz. Without the musical explorations of Wayne Shorter, modern music would not have drilled so deep.

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