Jazzmeia Horn at the Kennedy Center Jazz Club

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Monday February 13, 2017

From DC Metro Theater Arts

Review: Jazzmeia Horn at the Kennedy Center Jazz Club
By: Robert Michael Oliver

To understand the voice of Jazzmeia Horn – whether it’s embodying her own ballad, the cleverly romantic, soft ‘Legs and Arms,’ or taking on the role of an instrumentalist – is to understand what it means to listen.

For that voice is pure sound, pure feeling, pure like a saxophone is pure, like a young and transforming heart is pure as it seeks a better world.

So that’s exactly what I did for the 85 minutes that Jazzmeia Horn and drummer Darrian Douglas, pianist Mark Meadows, and bassist Barry Stephenson filled the KC Jazz Club Friday night. I listened.

And her voice, like the most magical of birds singing her euphoria, filled my heart with wonder.

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