The Dreamer Is The Dream: More Than A Great Jazz Record

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Friday April 21, 2017

From Buffalo News

Chris Potter’s latest is more than a great jazz record
By: Jeff Simon

Utterly undeniable about Chris Potter’s third and newest record for ECM is that its “cross-generational mix of personalities feels special.” The two finest omni-saxophonists around were born within a year of each other — James Carter and Potter, both of whom are in their very early ’40’s. Both of whom play all reeds but are especially formidable on tenor saxophone.

In a perfect world someone would figure out a way for them to play together. In the meantime, Carter is under-recorded these days and Potter is one of the most wonderfully visible and busy musicians in jazz. What you have to understand about Potter is that his first regular gig was with Bird’s trumpet player Red Rodney and one of his earliest fans was pianist Marian McPartland. His feel for ballads is exquisitely lyrical. His uptempo playing features both prodigious chops and a musical imagination which is both unique and profound.

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