The New York Times: Avishai Cohen, 'Cross My Palm With Silver'

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Friday May 05, 2017

From The New York Times

The Playlist
By: Giovanni Russonello

Avishai Cohen, ‘Theme for Jimmy Greene’

The trumpeter Avishai Cohen has a tone that’s both burly and stark, suggesting opacity and allure. He began his relationship with ECM Records with last year’s ‘Into the Silence,’ and on the new ‘Cross My Palm With Silver,’ he continues down the same path, creating music that never rises quickly, instead seeping out like ink spreading on fabric. ‘Theme for Jimmy Greene’ ‘” written for the saxophonist, who lost a young daughter in the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre ‘” starts with a couple of querying minor chords from the pianist Yonathan Avishai. The bassist Barak Mori and the drummer Nasheet Waits toss in their own pigments, and after nearly two minutes Mr. Cohen finally arrives, tracing the chords with his trumpet, clarifying their beauty and offering no relief from the indeterminacy. The heat rises gradually, but things never bubble over.

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