The Dreamer Is The Dream

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Tuesday May 16, 2017

From Ottawa Citizen

Chris Potter CD Reviewed
By: Peter Hum

The Dreamer is the Dream (ECM Records)
Chris Potter

If writer Malcolm Gladwell is to be believed, 10,000 hours of practice yields greatness.

Sure, OK. But what multiple of that figure has Chris Potter logged in order to achieve his world-class proficiency on his instruments? Among great saxophonists, the 46-year-old American reedman, thanks to talent, untold hours spent honing his skills and perhaps divine grace, may well rule supreme.

The latest testament to Potter’s abilities is his 19th album as a leader and third album in four years on the famed German label ECM Records.

Released late last month, the album features Potter’s staggering talents on tenor saxophone (his main horn), bass clarinet and soprano saxophone on a set of six originals that expand into epic excursions as Potter’s quartet explores them.

There are flashes of the dazzling eloquence and especially the expressive power that makes Potter the envy of many of his peers. But more than that, the album resonates with a special gravitas.

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