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Tuesday May 02, 2017

From Okayplayer

Chicago’s Own Sidewalk Chalk Speaks On Current Affairs On ‘Dig’ Video
By: Kevito

Times are pretty wild across the country.

No place is more subject to scrutiny than Chicago, Illinois. The ‘Second City’ has been railed against by President Agent Orange, defended by Chance The Rapper and encouraged by the city’s young creators. Now, in an attempt to join the conversation, Chicago’s own Sidewalk Chalk have released their new album, An Orchid Is Born, via Ropeadope Records.

Produced by Grammy winning artist Robert ‘Sput’ Searlight, the first single ‘Dig,’ is a music video created by Jack Blanket and shares the feelings of those who have been victimized by police brutality. The album, An Orchid Is Born, will be available to the masses on June 2. Broken up into three movements-The Hope, The Loss and The Birth-Sidewalk Chalk hopes to speak to mankind’s need to choose love over inhumanity in all things.

With that in mind, please press play on the animated video for ‘Dig,’ and get familiar with this Chicago mainstay.

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