Lila Downs Fights Back

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Thursday June 01, 2017

From Public Radio International

Musician Lila Downs fights back
By: Monica Campbell

Musician Lila Downs is hitting back. After the election of Donald Trump, Downs, who has lived in both the United States and Mexico, says she was put ‘in a dark place.’

‘I remember feeling really depressed and sad, but then there’s a part in me that says I’m not going to give up and I’m going to keep writing songs that make a difference,’ she says.

For those familiar with Downs’ work, this comes as no surprise. Her music is often charged with politics, from defending the rights of migrants and indigenous communities to her 2016 song ‘The Demagogue,’ dedicated to Trump himself.

Her latest and 16th album, ‘Salón, Lágrimas y Amor,’ is dedicated to women. Strong women.

‘Dicen que yo soy peligrosa, que yo soy dolorosa porque quiero vivir así.’ That means, ‘They say I’m dangerous, that I’m hurtful, because I want to live this way.’

These lyrics are from the song ‘Peligrosa,’ meaning ‘Dangerous Woman’ in Spanish. The liner notes say it’s an ‘anthem for female empowerment.’

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