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Thursday December 08, 2016

From The Hindu

*When Masters Create Magic…”

Ustad Nishat Khan, scion of the Imdadkhani gharana concluded the evening. He was indeed in his element; as he said “performing in memory of the great Kesarbaiji who I admire so greatly, and that too in Goa, with such a wonderful discerning audience is a huge delight”. The Ustad started with Kedar, in fact chandani Kedar, as Kesarbaiji used to frequently sing this raga. In addition, it’s a raga that his family has played extensively and explored in depth, and in this concert, the full flavour of this beautiful raga was amply brought out. After aalap jor jhala and a teen taal gat, in which his presentation was dependent heavily on gayeki aspects- rounded meends, loving strokes bringing out the true flavor of the raga, he shifted to Nand in which he essayed a foray of stunningly swift and clear taans, and displayed his usual expertise in “tantra”(instrumental) craft. He concluded the recital with hameer, in which he brought back poignant memories of his legendary uncle Ustad Vilayat Khan, whose composition “achaanak more piya ghar aaye” he also sang. The finale with its almost impossibly long drawn jhala, played at tremendous speed with totally clarity was breathtaking. Expectedly there was a spontaneous standing ovation.

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