Avishai Cohen - The Big Change

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Wednesday September 13, 2017

From Cultural Attaché

Avishai Cohen Wonders: Is Writing Music Going to Bring about the Big Change?
By: Craig Boyd

If you were to ask jazz trumpeter Avishai Cohen what prompted him to title his new ECM Recording Cross My Palm With Silver, he’ll tell you that he was inspired by the expression’s origin wherein a silver coin is played across a fortuneteller’s hand before having your future told.

‘It talks about the titles of the tracks that are, in a way, about current evens, socially and what’s going on,’ he says over the phone from Chicago. ‘That’s the question, ‘what’s to come? Where are we headed as human beings, as a society?’‘

The Avishai Cohen Quartet will be playing this Friday and Saturday night at the bluewhale. He will no doubt feature work from the new recording and perhaps selections from his previous record Into the Silence. In Silence he processed the passing of his father. Cross My Palm‘¬¶ is more political in nature, but no less stunningly beautiful…

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