5 Star Reviews: 'Rosa Dos Ventos' & 'Outra Coisa'

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Monday October 23, 2017

From All About Jazz

Anat Cohen: Rosa Dos Ventos and Outra Coisa
By: Angelo Leonardi

Again this year Anat Cohen was first clarinetist in the critics poll of Down Beat and these new albums contribute to explaining the reasons. Brazilian music has been in the heart of Anat for twenty years: it has played with their greatest artists and knows how to express the mood and intensity of those music (chorus, samba bossa nova, hot, frevo and more) its incredible being not being Brazilian, but Israeli birth and US adoption.

When a musician combines lyrical depth and superb instrumental technique their artistic stature touches the vertices and fruition becomes a unique experience. This is what happens with Anat on these two disks, which explore the Brazilian music universe.

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