Lila Downs Triumphs

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Monday November 06, 2017

Form XEU News

Lila Downs triumphs on her first night at the National Auditorium
By: Carmen Navarro

The original producer of Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca, on his way to the stage shouted: “What happened my Mexico, we come to sing to you tonight with all the respect, with all the love and with all the love that this beautiful and wonderful country deserves. We have made this altar to the dead of the past tremors and those killed by violence. “

He stressed that throughout his recital he would address some chapters of thought, of intention, of sacred and also profane places, for which he made reference to the small altar of the dead that he assembled together with his production team.

She opened her recital with the song “La patria madrina”, wearing not only her voice, but also her outfit formed by a black dress with bright white and a ukulele hanging on her shoulder singing.

Without neglecting her political thinking, Lila Downs told the respectable: “I want you to sing with me this beautiful song ‘Your jail’ by the composer Marco Antonio SolĂ­s”, an invitation that the audience attended to form a monumental choir and accompany it at the beginning. end.

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