NPR: "Jolted Alive" with The Bad Plus

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Wednesday February 07, 2018

From NPR: All Things Considered

Bad Plus Seems Jolted Alive On ‘Never Stop II’
By: Tom Moon

[…] The core idea behind The Bad Plus is that there is no leader. It’s almost an avant garde collective, a fluid environment in which players frequently shift roles between foreground and background. What happens when a new character slides into the mix?

[…] Usually when a key musician leaves an established jazz trio, it’s game over for the group. Not so with the rebooted Bad Plus. They seem jolted alive on this first recording. It was made over a few days of live playing in the studio before the three had performed together much, and it makes you wonder where these three will go once they really get to know each other.

Read the transcript or listen to the segment here