Anna & Elizabeth: Breathing Fresh Life

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Monday January 29, 2018

From Westword

Anna & Elizabeth Breathe Fresh Life Into Songs of the Past
By: Nick Hutchinson

Elizabeth LaPrelle and Anna Roberts-Gevalt put a new spin on music from the past. Their enthusiasm for reinventing songs that have been passed down through the ages recently earned them a critically anticipated release on the venerable Smithsonian Folkways Recordings label.

“I’ve been fascinated by old-time music since I was a teen,” explains LaPrelle, who grew up in the mountain town of Rural Retreat, Virginia, and recently moved to the urban setting of Brooklyn to be near her musical co-conspirator Roberts-Gevalt. “I went to the College of William and Mary and Anna went to Wesleyan, where she did some visual studies and artistic interpretations of ballads. She made visual and performance-art pieces using the same ballads I had studied in literature and theater. When we met, there was an amazing spark of ideas, and we started thinking of all kinds of ways to present a show that incorporated these songs mixing visual art and theater. That’s been a constant in our work – thinking of interesting ways to present these ancient tunes so that audiences can experience them in a new way.”

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