The Spring Quartet - Barbican, London

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Tuesday April 08, 2014

From Financial Times

The Spring Quartet, Barbican, London ‘” Review
By: Mike Hobart

The Spring Quartet are a cross-generational, equal-partners jazz supergroup with a wide span of influences, a strong sense of history and a thread of connections to pull them together.

Such close bonds and common ground don’t guarantee that it will be all right on the night, but a warm-up lope confirmed that at least the nuts and bolts were in place. Joe Lovano’s ‘Spring Day’ opened with melodious sax and a hint of rhythm, a flicked-out riff and medium-tempo walk established form, and the band flirted with abstraction while keeping everything in place. Joe Lovano alternated angular fragments with torrents of notes, Genovese delivered long-line cascades of piano and Spalding and DeJohnette marked structure and pulse while adding to the mix.

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