Royal Wood: Both Dark and Bright

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Thursday March 01, 2018

From Saskatoon StarPheonix

Royal Wood’s Muse Both Dark and Bright
By: Cam Fuller

Royal Wood has a new album that’s part goodbye and part hello.

Ever After the Farewell, the Canadian singer-songwriter’s forthcoming album, was inspired by his lowest low and his highest high. ‘Thematically, this record has such polar themes,’ Wood said recently on a visit to Saskatoon. ‘I lost my father to Alzheimers and a lung condition. I dealt with that for awhile but it condensed itself in the last few years of his life. That was a huge amount of emotional effort for myself and my family.’

Around the same time, he was falling in love.

After a show at the Broadway Theatre in Saskatoon, Alison Waldbauer and her friends were chatting with staff and volunteers when Wood’s manager brought them over to meet him. “Allie and I just started talking and immediately, it was something I had never felt,’ says Wood. ‘Everyone talks about the lightning bolt. You think it’s all in literature but it’s very true.’

They were married in September.

‘I said farewell to my father and signed up for ever after. The two things definitely fit together.’

Read the whole article here and buy ‘Ever After The Farewell’ on April 6, 2018.