Royal Wood is 'Royally' Happy

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Thursday August 18, 2016

From Niagra Falls Review

These days, Royal Wood is Royally Happy

Singer Royal Wood has to catch himself at one point, describing how happy he is. He doesn’t want to “sound all Tony Robbins.”

But he likely has the same effect to anyone sitting near him as he does a couple of interviews at a Toronto coffee shop. He writes some sad songs. He doesn’t always smile in photos. But make no mistake, Royal Wood is one chipper guy.

“Each day is a success,” he says. “I mean, I go to bed excited, I wake up excited. You have setbacks. It’s not like you get to think positive thoughts and your life’s going to be great. You’ve gotta go for it.

‘If you actually dig deep, that last push, that’s the thing that gets you all the rewards in life. I push myself and have very lofty goals, but I’m loving the trip. I am more excited now than I’ve ever been about my career,” he says. “I’m so in love with my life, what I do, and what I get to do. I’m definitely in a moment of gratitude.”

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