Lila Downs "Stuns" Ordway

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Wednesday March 07, 2018


Lila Downs stuns Ordway with eclectic reimagining of traditional Mexican music
By: Sheila Regan

With long braids and bohemian scarves trailing down from a black velvet dress, Lila Downs swept into the Ordway accompanied by her small brigade of musicians on Tuesday, filling the packed hall with her exquisite contralto voice.

Downs’ signature blend of Mexican traditional music, fused with jazz and pop, and with a few resistance songs thrown in, was met with enthusiasm at the Ordway’“not surprising given Downs’hometown status. Born in Oaxaca, Mexico, the singer split her time growing up between Mexico and Minnesota. Her father was a professor at the U of M, which Downs herself attended as an undergrad.

Downs’ soulful voice, rich and deep with resonance, aided her ability to go dark quickly. She can belt like no other, enrapturing the audience with her spell, and she’s got insane range as well, leaping into an almost falsetto sound in some moments, and an operatic high voice in others. Other idiosyncratic flourishes included Downs’ infectious laugh and a scratchy scream.

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