The Bad Plus Welcomes Orrin Evans

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Sunday March 11, 2018

From The Philadelphia Inquirer

Philadelphian Orrin Evans joins jazz greats the Bad Plus. Here’s why that’s a big deal.
By: Shaun Brady

Early last April, Orrin Evans stopped by my table at the Broad Street jazz club South to deliver some news: ‘I’ve joined the Bad Plus.’

[…] It was true: Iverson was leaving, and Philly’s own Evans was the first ‘” in the band’s telling, only ‘” choice for a replacement. ‘Orrin is a virtuosic musician,’ Anderson says, ‘but he has an outsider energy to the things that he does. That’s part of the job description for being in the Bad Plus. We all have a bit of a weirdo energy and a twist on the way we look at music. There isn’t a specific set of criteria for someone to be in the Bad Plus; you just have to be open-minded and creative and we’ll build it from there.

…A certain amount of cynicism has been removed, and that’s a really good feeling. There’s an open spirit and a positive energy now, and it’s been palpable in the response of audiences that we’ve played for thus far. You can feel the genuine excitement in the room.’

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