The Art of The Duo: Anat Cohen & Fred Hersch

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Monday March 12, 2018


The Art Of The Duo: Keys And Reeds
By: Geno Thackara

What’s taken these two so long? […] What’s surprising is the astounding degree of chemistry they strike from the start. The mid-2016 festival set captured on Live in Healdsburg seems to have been one of their earliest outings in this format, but taking in their near-telepathic rapport, a casual listener could swear their back-and-forth had been finely honed for ages. Let’s hope that its billing as “their debut duo recording” is phrased deliberately as a promise of more.

Their lines weave in beautiful counterpoint, from building the particularly dynamic-flowing centerpiece of “The Peacocks” to coasting to the finish with a quietly classy piece of Ellingtonia. The set isn’t really a dialogue so much as a happy whirling dance. They spin one set of adept and audacious steps after another, spontaneous and unpredictable yet always bounding together to new joyous heights.

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