Songs We Love: Terence Blanchard, 'Dear Jimi (Feat. The E-Collective)'

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Thursday March 22, 2018

From NPR

Songs We Love: Terence Blanchard, ‘Dear Jimi (Feat. The E-Collective)’
By: Nate Chinen

Terence Blanchard has always been drawn to a form of lyricism that runs burnished and bittersweet. You can track this mood throughout his career as a post-bop trumpeter, and no less in his dozens of film scores, in and beyond a long affiliation with Spike Lee. That quality of mournful uplift also rings loud and clear on Blanchard’s forthcoming album LIVE. It’s a showcase for the sleek young band that he calls the E-Collective, with Charles Altura on guitar, Fabian Almazan on piano and synthesizers, David Ginyard on bass and Oscar Seaton on drums.

“Dear Jimi” ‘” which does eventually include some guitar heroics, over a vamp in the outro ‘” is broadly in sync with the album’s focus on black art and black lives. The first E-Collective album, released in 2015, was titled Breathless in honor of Eric Garner, whose death at the hands of law enforcement led to the protest slogan “I Can’t Breathe.” I have a vivid memory of seeing the band play this music in a Staten Island park, for an audience that included the Garner family.

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