A New Look At An Old Folk Song

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Tuesday March 27, 2018

From New Sounds

Weekly Music Roundup: Angelique Kidjo interprets Talking Heads and Bach @ 333
By: John Schaefer

VIDEO PREMIERE: Anna & Elizabeth’s New Look At An Old Folk Song

The duo team of Anna Roberts-Gevalt and Elizabeth LaPrelle released their debut album a couple of years ago, in which they sang their own versions of old Southern and Appalachian folk songs, colored by the sounds of various types of contemporary music. But while Elizabeth is from the South, Anna is a New Englander, so on their forthcoming album, The Invisible Comes To Us, they draw on folk songs from both areas. The song “Ripest of Apples” was collected in the 1930s in Clarksville, New Hampshire, and the duo offer a gently rocking arrangement that acquires an ominous marching drumbeat and a dark sequence of synth chords ‘” making audible the ambiguity that haunts so many of these old ballads. As for the video, it features Anna dancing in a spare, simple room; but as with the song itself, another world begins to intrude‘¦

Anna & Elizabeth’s The Invisible Comes To Us comes out on March 30. They will play a live set for our Soundcheck Podcast on April 17 at 2pm ET. They play at Le Poisson Rouge in NY on April 23 as well.

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