The Next Evolutionary Step

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Monday April 09, 2018

From The Roanoke Times

Anna & Elizabeth’s new album is their next evolutionary step
By: Tad Dickens

[…] If [“Here in the Vineyard”] was a tentative step onto a new trail, the pair’s new album, The Invisible Comes to Us, sounds like a first monumental destination. Anna & Elizabeth’s music has always sounded pretty haunted. Now, such songs as ‘Ripest of Apples’ and ‘By the Shore’ make one want to listen in the dark, in a corner, hoping that some demon doesn’t come along to suck out his very soul. It’s a beautiful thing.

‘There’s a sense that me and Elizabeth have always shared of really wanting to play with people’s idea of nostalgia,’ Roberts-Gevalt said in a phone call last week from a train headed out of Brooklyn, New York, her home for about a year. ‘Both of us were always drawn to the beautiful old songs, but also to the sense of darkness and depression. Those are things that both of us have experienced in our own personal lives, too. It totally felt like having extra sounds allowed us to feel them really personally.

‘‘The Ripest of Apples’ song could be nostalgic, like, ‘Do I have to go across the sea to my boyfriend?’ But to me, it’s like that thing when you’re in love and the person doesn’t love you anymore and it’s so frustrating that you can’t stop thinking about them. It’s this deeply horrifying thing where you’re obsessed about this person. I think you can access this a little bit more by having a bigger palette of sounds to work with.’

[…] The ‘Hop High/Here in the Vineyard’ session was, as it turns out, a test run for the new disc, Roberts-Gevalt said. Over the years, as the duo traveled and met more people, they encountered two types of players. There were the ones like them, who were recording straighter versions of the old-timey canon, when they were recording at all. And there were the ones who were in studios much more frequently and who considered the process an equal art form to the playing itself.

‘This whole other process of us making a recording, it reminds me of more like painting or something like that,’ Roberts-Gevalt said. ‘And it was really fun.’

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