Ana Moura and Prince

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Wednesday April 11, 2018

From Minneapolis StarTribune

In Minneapolis, Portuguese star Ana Moura offers world premiere of song she wrote with Prince
By: Jon Bream

As a fado singer, Portugal’s Ana Moura has an innate sense of drama. So when she returned to the sold-out Dakota Jazz Club on Monday for the first time in five years, she waited until the middle of her unforgettable 95-minute set for the big reveal.

Then Moura explained that she had hummed a melody into her phone and emailed to her friend Prince. The next day he sent her lyrics for her melody. (Back story: In the late ’00, he let it be known that he was a fan of her music and then in 2011 he went to Lisbon to sing with Moura. The friendship blossomed from there.)

Now was the time and Minneapolis the place for Moura, 38, to sing ‘Dream of Fire’ for the first time in public. The lyrics were very Princely, with several mentions of dreams and ‘miss’ rhyming with ‘kiss,’ something about “a heart’s desire” and about “words unsaid” ‘” all delivered with as much loving passion as the dusky-voiced Moura can muster when singing in English.

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