"Something About You"

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Monday April 16, 2018

From The Gate Entertainment Magazine

Watch: Royal Wood’s ‘Something About You’
By: W. Andrew Powell

Royal Wood is one of my favorite Canadian artists. The passionate singer and songwriter has an unmistakable timber that’s rich and inviting, and ‘Something About You’ is his buoyant new single from his new album, Ever After The Farewell. Recorded for the Massey Hall Ghostlight Sessions series, the video is a wonderful tribute to the quality of the sound in Massey Hall, and I can’t think of a place I’d rather see Royal Wood on stage. He’s effortlessly charming, and ‘Something About You’ is one of the best songs he’s ever made (although ‘Do You Recall’ and ‘Forever and Ever’ are right up there).

Wood’s new album was recorded in London, England with Jamie Scott (Michael Kiwanuka, Ed Sheeran) and pays tribute to an emotional time in the singer’s life, after he had lost his father, and found the love of his life.

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