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Monday April 16, 2018

From Pitchfork

Anna & Elizabeth – The Invisible Comes to Us
By: Stephen M. Deusner

Anna Roberts-Gevalt and Elizabeth LaPrelle are fascinated by curious sounds, and they’ve filled The Invisible Comes to Us with drones and loops, sequencers and synthesizers, post-rock woodwinds and migraine distortion. Working with producer and multi-instrumentalist Benjamin Lazar Davis (Okkervil River, Cuddle Magic), they set ‘Virginia Rambler,’ a tale of sexual treachery, to a needling drumbeat that gradually turns itself inside out, as though leading the singers into the deep woods. ‘Irish Patriot’ opens with a shimmer of sound like sunlight through bare trees, then adds a flutter of saxophone and a cacophony of distorted voices. Deconstructing and then reconstructing itself, the song has the feel of journey and arrival, subtly enacting the theme of the lyrics.

Coming after their self-titled 2015 effort, which set Anna & Elizabeth’s voices in an almost entirely acoustic setting, the wider, weirder palette of The Invisible Comes to Us is much more audacious, subtly pushing at what folk music sounds like and what it can do. They’re not the first artists to marry the old and the new or to insist that the electronic might sound right at home with the acoustic.

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