Video Premiere: 'Fire' by Deva Mahal

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Thursday April 26, 2018

From Billboard

Deva Mahal Ignites a ‘Fire’: Video Premiere
By: Gail Mitchell

‘The more you are consumed by the fire, the more you are reborn anew,’ Deva Mahal tells Billboard. ‘And each time, you emerge stronger than before.’ That’s the timeless message behind singer/songwriter Mahal’s ‘Fire’ video, premiering on Billboard today (Apr. 26).

[…] Deva Mahal (pronounced Diva) comes by her searing vocals and powerful songwriting naturally. She is the daughter of blues icon Taj Mahal, who released his memorable version of ‘Take a Giant Step’ in 1969. Her own star started to rise in 2008 when her co-write with her father, ‘Never Let You Go,’ was appeared on his Grammy Award-nominated album Maestro. Her growing fan club includes Elton John, who is playing her on Beats 1, and Ru Paul.

Watch the video here