Testaments to Truth and Beauty

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Monday April 30, 2018

From Jazzwise Magazine

Avishai Cohen Quartet deliver testaments to truth and beauty at Ronnie’s
By: Celeste Cantor-Stephens

The first of two sold-out gigs by the Avishai Cohen Quartet at Ronnie Scott’s started as it would go on: magically. ‘Will I Die, Miss? Will I Die?’, from latest album Cross My Palm With Silver (ECM, 2017), provided a great introduction, beginning with tender, intriguing piano by Yonathan Avishai. Avishai Cohen’s generous yet delicate, intention-loaded trumpet swiftly joined. As the rest of the quartet entered, a melodic phrase passed from trumpet to piano to Barak Mori’s double bass, drummer Ziv Ravitz clearly enjoying the process, contributing equally sensitively to the sound that swept across the band and drew them together.

Avishai Cohen is effortlessly cool; so is his playing. The trumpeter casually masters speedy runs and stretched-out tones, with power, energy, delicateness and depth at every register, moving naturally between clean high-range, and wispy, note-bending lower tones, often within a single phrase. Stylistically, the ensemble performed a similar trick, with exceptional play on rhythm, flawlessly transforming from grooving upbeat to meditative, ballad-like to bouncing, dipping into dub-style spaciousness, and coolly overlapping rhythmic shapes, always strong, united, felt.

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