Downbeat: 'Live in Healdsburg' Review

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Tuesday May 01, 2018

From Downbeat

Editor’s Picks: Anat Cohen & Fred Hersch Live In Healdsburg
By: Frank Alkyer

Anat Cohen and Fred Hersch are two of the world’s finest improvising artists’“tasteful, thoughtful and fluid musicians who follow their muses while creating breathtaking music. […] With Hersch on piano and Cohen on clarinet, this is an intimate album that invites the listener in on a thousand little secrets of lyrical nuance and magical interplay. Listen closely to songs like Hersch’s ‘Child’s Play’ for a lesson on the power of … listening. Cohen takes the volume of her instrument so low, she barely makes a sound, as Hersch follows with the quiet plunking of a single note in response. They weave the movement into a slowly building, tag-you’re-it, call and response befitting the music’s title. It’s one part laid-back, one part exhilarating.

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