Album Review: 'The Invisible Comes To Us'

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Tuesday May 08, 2018

From Folk Alley

Album Review: Anna & Elizabeth, ‘The Invisible Comes To Us’
By: Kim Ruehl

Anna & Elizabeth showed up in 2015 with a self-titled album full of old-timey goodness, backed by Appalachian music hero Alice Gerrard. (Their band name was a clear nod to Hazel & Alice.) That disc established Anna & Elizabeth as a bright light in old-time music, like a relic from a forgotten past, with a pure, irony-free allegiance to the songs. Meanwhile, on this year’s The Invisible Comes to Us, the pair has dug into the archive of their home states’“Virginia and Vermont. In a fit of creative fireworks, they have delivered a collection of music that captures the spirits of the songs, even if that means occasionally veering from traditional song forms.

[…] The result is a collection that honors the tradition at the same time as it honors the creative aplomb of its performers. This is a deeply imaginative, beautifully realized artistic statement, reminding us that folk songs don’t have to be frozen in time, but are perhaps better served as doorknobs to the past. If you turn and enter through them, perhaps you’ll feel a bit disoriented at first. But sit with them awhile and they will show you how much we, the folk, haven’t really changed.

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