Trumpet Sounds a Call of Protest

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Monday May 14, 2018

From MPR News

Blanchard’s trumpet sounds a call of protest
By: Euan Kerr

In this interview with MPR News, they discuss how Dakota Jazz Club is a place with “special significance” for Terence, due to it being the first place where he started recording his newest album, ‘Live.’ The album focuses on the gun violence in this country and Minneapolis – and the Dakota Jazz Club – was one of the first places where Terence and his band, the E-Collective, met with the community and the people who lost a friend and a co-worker due to racial tensions escalating to gun violence.

Terence continues on to explain that music is “his personal political protest” against what’s going on in our country. He will be at the Dakota Jazz Club Tuesday and Wednesday (May 12 and 13th).

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